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From Awareness to Advocacy: How Customer Marketing and Product Marketing Foster Brand Loyalty

In today's competitive market, creating brand loyalty is crucial for businesses to thrive. This is where Customer Marketing and Product Marketing come into play. By joining forces, they guide customers from the initial awareness of a product to become long-term advocates. Download the resource to learn more.

Influencers vs. Customer Advocates: Is One Better Than the Other?

As you seek to activate and grow your customer base, two prominent brand marketing strategies are often on the table. Both have their pros and cons, like any other campaign. But the question remains—which approach will extend your reach and ultimately maximize your ROI?

Determining the ROI of Social Proof: 6 Metrics You Need to Measure

Did you know that if you aren’t using social proof, you’re missing out on boosting conversion rates by up to a whopping 34%? Download the eBook to gain a better understanding of how to determine the ROI of social proof.

Product-Led Growth: Power Your PLG Strategy with Customer Content

How do you get the peers of your target buyers to use your product? Offering freemiums and free trials is a great starting point. But today’s consumers want hard-hitting social proof that a product is effective and worthwhile before trying.

Customer Evidence: The Ultimate Guide to Winning Over the B2B Buyer in 2023 and Beyond

44% of millennials (a majority of the workforce today) are driving the modernization of the sales process from seller-focused to seller-free. The truth is, today's B2B buyers want to research products and solutions on their own time with their own tools.